An innovative case for Raspberry Pi 5
All functions of MaticBox4 + 
Compability for the Official Raspberry Pi Active Cooler

Release date: April 2024

Features of MATIC BOX 5

*all visualisations here are with MaticBox3 and are just informative. As soon as MaticBox 5 is released we will update them as well. 

Mountable Anywhere

The universal mounting base is designed such that it can be easily attached to any surfaces or objects, including a DIN rail. The screw holes in the four corners allow the base to be attached to flat surfaces. When this is not an option, the base features eight slots which are compatible with cable (zip) ties to attach the box to irregular objects.

Stackable Cases

This is made possible by the innovative design of the feet, patented by LeapMatic. Their special shape provides a secure connection to the case underneath.

Multiple ventilation slots
+ active cooler

MaticBox has multiple ventilation slots that provide a natural air flow that disperses the heat from the single board computer. MaticBox5 is also compatible with the offical Raspberry Pi founcation active cooler*. 

*the active cooler is sold separately. 

Low profile cover

Low profile cover can be used when no extension boards are present, or when the extension boards are relatively thin and do not contain large elements. With this cover, the case has one of the lowest heights in the market – just 28.5 mm.

Automation cover

MaticBox set also includes an automation cover which is useful when the case hosts extension boards with large elements, such as relays and terminals. The cover features a cutout on the short side for access to terminals on the extension board. When the cutout is not needed, the provided screen can cover it. When only a partial cutout is needed, portions of the screen can be broken away alongside the provided grooves.

MaticBox’s overall dimensions, including the automation cover, allows it to be mounted in a standard electrical panel with a DIN rail.


Place for stickers, labels and other.

For your convenience, we provided special areas where you can put stickers and
project labels. They are indented and there is no danger of your markings falling
off or peeling off. The four places are located on the tall and low cover,
underneath the body, as well as on the multifunctional base

Place for a light indicator / LED

The round hole on the low and tall covers can provide access to a LED on your extension board. So you can communicate visual status to your users


Slots for cables

 No matter which cover you use, you will always have a place to run the cables outside the MaticBox. Three of the side walls have an openings that serve both to improve ventilation and to route cables/ports for connecting peripherals.


10 features in 1 case

1.Low profile cover
2.Automation cover
3.Grooved screen to close the automation cover gap
4.Compatible with Offical Rasp. Pi Active cooler
5. Slots for cables
6. Place doe LED indication
7. Ability to screw the base to surfaces
8. Ability to attach the base with cable (zip) ties
9. Ability to attach the base to a DIN rail
10. Ability to stack the cases

The box is designed to make it easy and affordable for anyone to use single-board computers for their personal or industrial needs.